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Ever since I bought my first computer, using software to generate design ideas has been one of my most favourite things to do.

Back in the days when I was designing knitwear I used all kinds of different programs.  Creation 6, Kids Pix, Deluxe Paint, Stitch Painter to name a few.

Nowadays I mostly use Garment Designer and Stitch Painter from the Cochenille Design Studio which were developed by Susan Lazear and my all time favourite Gliftex which was developed by Owen Ransen.

Garment Designer and Stitch Painter each have a specific purpose in that you use Garment Designer to design actual clothing patterns for either sewing or knitting or crochet. Stitch Painter is used to create surface designs for knitwear, beading and stitchery.

Gliftex on the other hand, is super useful for many things including surface design ideas for fabric printing, scrapbooking, quilting and creating imagery for polymer clay transfers not to mention ideas for stitching.

Gliftex is my favourite tool for generating colour and design ideas and for helping me overcome creative block.

Here are a few designs Gliftex created in a matter of minutes…

Gliftex2 Gliftex4 Gliftex3

As an added bonus, Gliftex can also be used as a colour scheme aid!

You can download demos of all the software mentioned above by following the links provided.

Then there are fractals!  A wonderful source of inspiration and I used them a lot for my knitwear designs many years ago. They are also incredibly beautiful!  At first the very idea of having to write mathematical formulas scared the hell out of me but I needn’t have worried because there are programs out there that do all the work for  you! You just have to click your mouse buttons!

fractal4 fractal5 fractal6

You can download freeware versions of fractal generators including FracTint and Fractal Explorer from here – I used Fractal Explorer to create the above three images and Sterlingware for the two below.  If you look in my Favourite Things column you will also find a link to a fractal site that will take your breath away! Another site for downloads (including Sterlingware) and great imagery is the Amazing Seattle Fractals site

Sterli Sterli2

Warning: As with any download from the Internet, please remember to run a virus scan on any file before opening it!

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