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As much as I love freeform knitting and crochet and will no doubt always work in those mediums, I am just loving my new mixed media passions of needlefelting, stitching and beading.  Embellishing bits of felt or other fabrics with these techniques is proving to be extremely satisfying and great fun.  Everything is approached in a strictly freeform way of course….and yes, I have to admit, in a very novice way since I am no expert when it comes to needlefelting, stitching or beading!

But that’s half the fun – if I make mistakes then it’s no big deal.  Just like knit & crochet freeform all mistakes tend to become design elements anyway or covered up with another fragment of fabric, a few strategically placed stitches or a bunch of beads!

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve done over the past couple of years starting with the older work and ending with the most recent.


Mixed Media1

Freeform stitching and beading on crocheted background



Mixed Media 2

Various fabrics needlefelted to background then stitched and beaded



Mixed Media 3

Strips of hand-dyed silk, knotted then stitched and beaded to background



Mixed Media 4

Fibre needlefelted to background then stitched and beaded




Mixed Media Series - Palm Grove

Crochet elements, wrapped mulberry paper cylinders, fibres, fragments of scrim and organza needlefelted, stitched and beaded




Mixed Media 7

Knit fragments needlefelted to background, stitched and beaded



Blue Rust - Mixed Media8

Hand-dyed silk strips and fibres needlefelted to background then stitched and beaded



Cosmos - Mixed Media

Fragments of fabric stitched and beaded to background



Cream Concoction - Mixed Media 9

Mulberry bark paper, ribbon yarn, scrim and organza fabrics stitched and beaded to background with fabric flowers added


Last April I once again attended the annual Textile Fibre Forum this time doing a workshop with one of my most favourite people, Effie Mistrofanis, Embroiderer Extraordinaire!  The workshop was called Threadwork: Silk, Stitches, Bead & Cords and was based on her book of the same name.


Effie's Book

Absolutely fabulous inspirational book!


You can read more about this wonderful book at the publisher’s website

I’ve been to lots of Forums and all the ones I’ve attended as a student have been fantastic.  Effie’s however inspired me as much if not more than the one way back in 1997 when I learnt how to “freeform” with Sylvia Cosh and James Walters (and believe me THAT is saying something!).  I can never aspire to be as great an embroiderer as Effie whose expertise in this field is legendary here in Australia (and hopefully overseas) but I learnt enough of her techniques to produce several pieces that I am totally thrilled with.



First sample from Effie's class




Second sample done in Effie's class



Third sample done in Effie's class



Fourth sample from Effie's class


and finally


This is just one way of creating a wrapped cord - Effie's book has many more incredible samples

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